Alliance bleue

Make a Blue Gift

  • Premises (Loft, Castle, storage...)

    « The Blue Alliance needs space to grow. If you don't know what to do with your free space, you can lend it to us. »

  • People and/or goods transportation

    « The Blue Alliance is like a living organism: it has its own circulation system. If you want to contribute, offer us your services. »


  • One's Soul

    « The Blue Alliance needs your soul. If you want to give it to us, do not hesitate, it will be welcomed. »

  • One's Body

    « The Blue Alliance likes bodies. All bodies. If you want to give us yours, we will welcome it with open arms. »


  • Volunteers wishing to offer time and energy to the Alliance

    « Are you the best baker in your area? Poet? Intern? Electrician? The Blue Alliance needs you. »

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