Alliance bleue

The blue alliance

  • The Blue revelation

    The birth of the Blue Alliance took place during a trance in which I was immersed by a shamanic potion. In this daydream, the color told me things, revealed some truths to me...

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  • The Blue Book

    The Blue Book describes the twelve precepts that are the foundation of the Blue Alliance. They were dictated to Mom during his revelation by the Blue God... Welcome, today you attend the birth of a spirit...

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  • What is the Blue Alliance

    The Blue Alliance is a spiritual movement, or a hedonist "think-tank" based on love, sharing, knowledge and awareness.

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  • The Domain of the Blue Alliance

    We will build a Domain in which people will be able to live their freedom, experiment their theories and share their knowledge. When we will get together, we will drink to the glory of the Blue God, the blue drink of the awakening...

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