Alliance bleue

What is the Blue Alliance


The Blue Alliance is a spiritual movement or a "think-tank", created in spring 2012 by Sébastien Tellier, the Mother of the Allies. It is intended to guide us on the "Path of the Happy", a hedonistic life based on love, sharing, knowledge and conscience.

The Blue Alliance hosts its members in a society that glorifies genius and freedom, where everyone finds his place and where immortality is real.

It teaches our children science and major arts.

It delights us in his blue drink that propels us into a higher state of consciousness.

It introduces us to the sensual meditation to help us see and hear the light of matter.

The Blue Alliance brings together enthusiasts from all backgrounds, all ages and physiognomy.

It offers its followers to leave their FPY (Future Previous You) to join their FFY (Future Future You). Thus, "freed from the past and from your genetic prison, you will become one of us." (Blue Book, precept I)

Word of Mom:

“Today we live in a communal ocean that pours into the black hole of nonsense. The Blue Alliance, with and through his followers, offers the world to use this "communal virtual energy" to appease the curiosity, the sufferings and frustrations of man. We will not change the world but create a softer one. Together, we must proceed step-by-step, guided by the truths of the universe, to eternal bliss. The Blue Alliance is a chance given to humanity to escape the madness of this earth. By dreaming all together, truth will appear.

The Blue Alliance needs physical and mental energy. The more a follower will be invested, the more the truths that will be revealed to him will be large and his place cozy and high in the hierarchy of the movement. Only the more faithful Allies will one day have access to the Domain.”

“I offer to escape the madness of the world to go to another folly, softer and quieter. Disease of man is to believe in his intelligence. A world against nature, who has forgotten his true goals.

A world that disregards the power of spirituality, which no longer seeks beauty, a world that only generates sacrificed lives, where people struggle. In the world that I propose, things must be done, but without struggle.”

"The world is ruthless, sink or swim, too fast for humans. We must live to the rhythm of our heart beat.”




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