Alliance bleue

The mother of the Alliance

Mom was born in the stars May 17, 2011. Following the absorption of an elixir prepared by a shaman in Los Angeles, Mom has a life changing revelation. Through intense shades of blue color, the Blue God comes to him and communicates some truths. This inspires Mom to write the twelve precepts of the Blue Book and his album, My God is Blue, founding work of the Blue Alliance. Therefore, Mom knows that he will gather his brothers and sisters together around values ​​such as happiness, tenderness and self-reinvention. He transmits the word of the Blue God around the world through his concerts and devotes his time and energy to make his followers happy. Mom will leave the earth and join the stars again before February 14, 2014 (02/14/2014) with a launch pad built by the Blue Allies. Mom’s FPY (Future Previous You) is called Sébastien Tellier. He was born February 22, 1975 at Plessis-Bouchard and is an electronic music artist, French singer and actor. He sings in English, Spanish, German and Italian.


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